a functioning inquiry

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No less a figure than Oscar Wilde wrote that “to do nothing at all is the most difficult think in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual, contemplative life, the life that has for its aim not doing but being, and not being merely, but becoming- this is what the critical spirit can give us. The gods live thus.” Perhaps because so many of us are so obsessed with doing, being tends to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, let alone becoming. Slowing down enough to relax and enjoy one’s private Sabbath can open up a Pandora’s box of complicated feelings, all of them clamoring for our attention. Faced with that internal ruckus, it can seem easier to abandon any pretense of rest, and retreat to our familiar patterns of busyness.

~Christian McEwen

we cultivate ignorance to see more clearly….to illuminate each other…..to surrender…..

inquiry for today~   how do you cooperate with grace? how unwilling are you to see ignorance?

at a distance

Simply sit. Simply witness for a while. And note the turning away tendency throughout the day. We can explore what we hold to be our boundaries. Where is grace? Where is grace relative to where “I” am? What are my beliefs about being “other” than grace- at a distance from it, cut off from it? What is there that separates my innermost experience of life from grace except for ignorance? Let the questions arise from your heart. Look. Note. See through ignorance. And rest in the seeing through.  ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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