oh yes. and now I listen.


awake, my dear.

be kind to your

sleeping heart.

take it out into the vast

fields of light,

and let it breathe.


so much of our life is illusion….where do we begin and end?

inquiry for today~   where do you shine?

when we forget how to be perfect

Life just sucks sometimes. It is hard- really hard- to just keep your head above water. then to add on top of that the continuous need for self-improvement, and it’s just too much to expect. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to say no to the next big gimmick to change your life. Be the silent witness to the drama unfolding around you. Inhale deep calm and tranquility. Do not rise to the bait of thinking that you have to be someone other than who you are at this place and time. Do not punish yourself for having a past, for making mistakes, for, well, living. Just let events unfold naturally, one thing at a time.      ~David Dillard-Wright


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