an act of love

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No matter who we are, no matter what our experience, every one of us has a complex and varied emotional life simply by virtue of being human. Similarly, we all share a need to articulate that emotional intensity, to strive toward happiness, and thrive. If we can turn toward this intensity and allow it to emerge with compassionate awareness, we can peel away the barriers that separate us from ourselves, others, and life itself. Doing so is a tremendous act of self-love.     ~Mariana Caplan

when gratitude comes upon us, we are able to listen, to suddenly notice, to come to understanding…..

inquiry for today~   maybe it’s time to reflect on those tiny gratitudes again…..

when we realize what it is

Fulfillment is not a goal, but a movement. Creation is not an accomplishment, but a forever “making new.” And Life is not about destinations. Rather, it is about abiding at the “threshold,” the “emergence,” the “birthing” that is BEING.

Destinations, on the other hand, are about the goal of being finished, and arrivals are conceived to be about completionstability, peace, the end of the trip, the end of learning, the end of the bother of having to be attentive . . . and ultimately the bother of having to be ALIVE!  Letting every thought and act be guided by the Voice for Truth, instead of being assertions of independence, is to let oneself into the experience of Brotherhood—seamless, harmless, defenseless and inclusive.

Another way of putting it is that when the shift of perception occurs, it will be wherever you are at that moment, regardless of what your plans or goals had been, unaffected by your preconceived notions of the conditions required for a miracle. WHERE YOU ARE is always the only place Awakening will occur.

~Erich Schiffmann

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