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5-Pics for Blog Edits547

One way to evaluate whether a spiritual teaching is a skillful one or not is by seeing if it helps you listen to your own inner wisdom. It will tell yo if you’re getting a little off balance, a little too far left, or a little too far right off the path. A true spiritual teaching will never take anyone’s autonomy; it won’t require us to give away our good sense. It may hard to find initially, but a good spiritual teaching helps you to hone in on your own truth- to become quiet and to listen deeply and openly enough so that you can literally begin to feel the way life is informing you. That’s your inner wisdom. That’s your inner teacher, and it’s the beginning of standing in your true autonomy.


when we doubt and question and ruminate and touch the heart of truth….

inquiry for today~   settle into a deeper knowing by letting the struggle and the opinions go…..

missing resolve

When you live according to your personal integrity, when you value the practices that give meaning to your own life and the lives of others, you make it easier for others to do the same. When other people see you living with compassion toward other people and nonhuman animals, when they see you meditating and taking care of yourself, when they see you wisely managing time and resources, they cannot help but be inspired. Let us be those who step off the treadmill of meaningless activity, who demand a sane and peaceful way of life, who redirect resources toward the young and the marginalized. Mindfulness can be a personal practice, but it can also be  force for social transformation. This evening, as you breathe into your heart center, feel you intuitive awareness growing stronger. As you listen more deeply to your own heart, your conscience will grow stronger. As peace fills your own heart, it radiates out into the world, to every life that touches your own.

~David Dillard Wright

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