when red is calling

1-IMG_2816 2.JPG

There is, apart from mere intellect, in the make-up of every superior human identity, a wondrous something that realizes without argument- an intuition of the absolute balance, in time and space, of the whole of this multifariousness, this revel of fools, and incredible make-believe and general unsettledness, we call the world; a soul-sight of that divine clue and unseen thread which holds the whole congeries of things, all history and time, and all events, however trivial, however momentous, like a leashed dog in the hands of the hunter.

~Walt Whitman

when it’s all lost….when it’s all broken….when it’s done…..

inquiry for today~   you can’t really help…….so how will you show up anyway?

how to breakdown

When the 10,000 things are viewed in their oneness, we return to the origin and remain where we have always been.

~Zen Master Sengstan

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