find the edge


I have abandoned the religious creed in which I first encountered words like soul, sacred, holy, reverence, divinity, and awe, but I refuse to abandon the words themselves. For they point to what is of ultimate value, what claims our deepest respect.

Whether there is a Creator who loves the world, I cannot pretend to know. But we are the ones, we humans who need to love our bit of the world, this magnificent planet.

Think of how you love whatever you passionately love: music, flowers, painting, poetry, baseball, language, dance, the first frog calls of spring, the return of sandhill cranes, the sound of rain on a metal roof, the full moon in a clear night sky, the splash of the Milky Way, every atom and whisper of the one with whom you share your bed. That is how we must love the world.

~Scott Russell Sanders

how your own decoding is necessary……

inquiry for today~   getting down to essence is dangerous and probably just fine……

do not dismiss

One crucial difference between chance and risk is that genuine risk is lived through and not watched. And it is the living through that is most satisfying and rewarding. It is the living through that leads us to a deeper experience of life. The thrill of chance, on the other hand, arises when we imitate risk. Then, we need chance to escalate in order to stay thrilling, since our imitation of genuine risk is seldom satisfying or rewarding.

What matters in life most often shows itself when no one is looking. It occurs in unplanned moments of revelation,not in a filmed episode with the world watching and the meter running. All my experience tells me that Spirit doesn’t show itself this way thought it could happen, since Spirit is everywhere.

~Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “find the edge

  1. Still after my long absence finder are on the same wavelength. This is chock full of thoughts to explore, enjoy, treasure and call me to grow. Many thanks.

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