a living experience


This story is told about the Buddha, who one day was sought out by an ardent follower who had brought presents to the master to show his devotion. The Buddha gave him audience. The man stepped forward and held out his right hand, offering a priceless ivory ornament. “Drop it,” said Buddha. The man, surprised, stepped back. Then he stepped forward again, this time offering in his left hand a precious jewel. “Drop it,: said Buddha. Again the disciple, surprised, obeyed and stepped back. Then, smiling as if catching the Buddha’s meaning, he held out both hands empty and stepped forward. “Drop it,” said Buddha.

What do we prize most: our doubt? our talent? our privacy? our independence? integrity? purposelessness? It must all be laid aside, consciously, and voluntarily. One’s hands must be empty if they are to receive. Empty if they are to give. Empty even of emptiness.

This is the spirit of regeneration. It works within us constantly. Let us cooperate with it, finding in it fulfillment of our love.It is a sacrifice. It is a sacrament, celebrating the mystery of matter.

~M.C. Richards

how do we learn our own language of the heart?

inquiry for today~   our stories of authenticity help us to let go more readily…..like polishing the gold into lustrous wonder……

moving away from politeness

Seeking for truth I considered within myself that if there were no teachers of medicine in this world, how would I set to learn the art? Not otherwise than in the great book of nature, written with the finger of God. I am accused and denounced for not having entered in at the right door of the art. But which is the right one? Galen, Avicenna, Mesue, Rhais, or honest nature? Through this last door I entered, and the light of nature, and no apothecary’s lamp directed me on my way.


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