to whisper at the edge


Vulnerability is a by-product of love, not a weakness. Being born human means that we will strive to connect with others, and eventually we feel the pain of loss.

The beauty is that your love does not die. The key is not to feel bad about feeling vulnerable. Instead, embrace your vulnerability as the great teacher it can be.

Just as it calms the stress response, mindfulness can transform your vulnerability into a resource for strength. All you have to do is to learn how to befriend it. Just as you would not feel a strong connection with another person if they were guarded and fearful around you, it is impossible to get to know yourself properly without embracing your own vulnerable places.

~Heather Stang

there is a reason why it is said that we can see the beautiful death as an arc of our own soul….

inquiry for today~  may all of the tiny losses today suspend you in that hazy, perfect light….

touching so deep

It’s beautiful isn’t it?

How it all hurts,

but we never give up.

~The Word Virus

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