how not to forget


One of the most difficult things to learn is that mindfulness is not dependent on any emotional or mental state. We have certain images of meditation. Meditation is something done in quiet caves by tranquil people who move slowly. Those are training conditions. Once you have learned that skill, however, you can dispense with the training restrictions, and you should. You don’t even need to be calm. If you find your mind extremely active, then simply observe the nature and degree of that activity. It is just a part of the passing show within.

~Bhante Gunaratana

how do you outflow?

inquiry for today~   may you see with precise and kind attention today- all the interesting and alive little bits…..

states of love

I’ve come to realize that we may not always have that perfect mindset that we all chase: the come what may, the see the beauty all around you, the stop and smell the roses. Those can be difficult to find in our fast-paced world, especially when you’re constantly driving yourself forward.

So lately, I’ve been tricking myself into it.

I call this “romanticizing my life.” I use this technique when I’m struggling to see the beauty in a situation, to add a little romance to the everyday frustrations and low moments that sometimes come up in life.

It’s a perspective shift, more than anything else, paired with words that will take something that is often just a concept and turn it into something more solid. Something actionable. It’s less effective to simply say, “I need to slow down and re-frame what I’m experiencing,” than it is to force yourself to notice actual details and commit them to written words.

This is not the answer to life’s true problems, of course, but it is a way to quickly and easily help yourself to slow down and find the magic in the simplest, most ordinary moments- even the ones we don’t usually think of as pleasant, enjoyable, or picture-perfect- and I hope it helps you in those moments as it’s helped me.

~Chelsea Bartlett

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