live your silence into will

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The perfume of sandalwood, rosebay, or jasmine cannot travel against the wind.

But the fragrance of virtue travels to the ends of the world.

~The Dhammapada

who are you when you sing the body into silence?

inquiry for today~   to move into covenants with yourself may allow you to find peace and equanimity today….

coming alive

In Buddhism, virtue is seen as a psychological training, not a divinely inspired set of commandments. It means that we carry ourself with truthfulness, integrity, passion, and purpose in all we do. This is the powerful, even fierce force that enobles individuals and inspires social justice and equality worldwide. It has three levels, explained Ajahn Chah. Training in virtue begins with stopping harming.

The second level is the deliberate cultivation of care. More than refraining from harm, we cultivate a reverence for life. More than reframing from stealing, we act with stewardship for the things of the earth. More than refraining from lying, we stand up for truth. More than refraining from the misuse of sexuality, we respect our intimate relations. More than refraining from the misuse of intoxicants, we cultivate wakefulness.

The third level of virtue is called natural virtue, the spontaneous integrity of the awakened heart. Natural virtue arises when we are free from self-interest, when we are free to love. Instead of relying on rules and practices, our benevolent actions come from an innate connection.

~Jack Kornfield

3 thoughts on “live your silence into will

  1. Love all of this. One part captured my interest especially: who are you when you sing the body into silence? I sing a lot, used to sing a lot – had to give up choirs here in France as I’m travelling between countries, but one day that will end too and I can once more join a moderatly good ensemble….. However, my body never got sang into silence; it awakes it to a point where the mind replays the happenings of rehearsals, concerts and singing always gave me the extra ‘push’, extra strength, joie de vivre, energy I didn’t know I still had.
    Like everything you wrote here! Have a great weekend.

    • This joie de vivre is the container. Renewal. Like being washed clean again and again. I just completed a silent meditation retreat. It filled me up! I hope you sing and sing and sing……..

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