to bypass truth

Before practicing the art of immortality,

first practice the art of humanity.

~Lu Yen

the conundrum of being in the great big storms

inquiry for today~ we don’t see clouds really……ever notice not noticing the weather?

consider running away

Only through direct experience can we recalibrate what’s authentic. Then, through the layers of worry that make life seem gray, we may chance to feel the wind through the elm and stutter, “My God- look at that tree.” Then, after years of sleeping net to someone, we may wake a bit fragile, just watching our loved one breathe. And when they finally stir, we may utter, “My God- it’s you.”

There’s an old Egyptian story of a father who rows his son along the Nile above Khartoum where the current is deep and swift. The water rows them into the middle fo the current that takes them along. He tells his son, “Look into the water. Though you can’t see yourself right now, you are there. Feel the mighty river cary us. This is the real work: to fin the deeper current and let it take you. All else will follow.”

Buddha said, “Live like a mighty river.” A deep river has an unending flow that cleanses itself, thought it’s not going anywhere. A deep river is clear and reflective at the same time. A deep river is destined to join other water, and so all its efforts is to join a larger sea. This also describes the fate of an awakened being. To flow without going anywhere, to stay clear and reflective, and to cleanse your self in or Der to join with other life- these are the aims of self awareness.

If we can endure the hardship of being broken open, we’ll be worn to what matters, and the deeper current will take us. All else will follow, If we can paddle to where we know things run deep, we will feel resources of life.

~Mark Nepo

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