in a strong undertow

It’s important to state most succinctly the overall goal of the Wisdom path. We are first and foremost a school of being. The heart of the Wisdom path, then, is to create “being,” which means a gathering of personal energy at the center of oneself, anchoring identity in a stabler, less vulnerable space than the personality that radiates “all is well.” It is a place that accepts self, other, and world in a posture of unconditional love, serving as a counterweight to the busyness of our daily lives. Cultivation of being is lost when we squander energy through endless interior dialogue, comparison with others, ego maintenance and defense, and investing in entertaining distractions, all of which come from the mind’s instinct to grab what it perceives it needs to secure well-being. A fundamental task of all Wisdom Schools, then is to “plug the energy leaks,” recovering the energy necessary to move to higher levels of consciousness.

~Cynthia Bourgeault

our problems aren’t as vast as our being ness….

inquiry for today~ how will you settle into your spacious adeptness today?

how to notice quietude

I pause under that summer tree, the one that feels like a friend, as my dog wonders why we’ve stopped. She was trotting in such rhythm. But when this still, I wonder what part of me, way down, remains untouched by dream or memory? What drop of being remains out of reach of the opinions of others? When up close, each thing reveals its shimmer. And it’s the unexpected closeness that holds everything together. The light spreads across my dog’s face, her eyes so devoted to wherever I want to go. Can I be this devoted to the pull of life? Last month, I saw a dolphin and her calf slip back into the surf, and the pucker of the sea where they went under said, This is what it feels like to shimmer and go speechless. There’s a closeness we recognize in everything simple, as if we knew everything at the moment of our birth, and living is how we remember it all, piece by broken piece. It can happen when I stop to pick up what you drop in the supermarket. As your eyes shimmer, I realize we’ve known each other forever, though we just met.

~Mark Nepo

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