caressing the wild

I’ll tell you what:

Few people are authentic all the time. Few. Like, a very very small percentage. These people rarely talk about being authentic because they are authentic, and it’s such an integrated part of them that it’s literally not worth mentioning.

And most have no idea they aren’t being authentic (and so they talk about it all the time). Like, the vast majority of people are clueless to this fact, and are living in some form of delusion about it.

We have no idea how to author our own lives. We have no idea how to express ourselves (truly, genuinely, as a loving being). We have no idea what that feels like in our own bodies even if we could tell you in detail what it looks like in others (and here, too, we are deluded and don’t always understand what authenticity actually is).

So, don’t be so hard on yourself, and do what you can to get the support you need to become authentic.

Heal your trauma. Embody and integrate your experiences. Learn to listen to and feel your heart. Get humble and stay there. Recover. Reconcile.

Because being authentic isn’t just about finally creating a life where people love you for who you truly are (though this is of course a huge part).

It’s also about authority, personal power, and authorship.

Until you know who you are, edgy wild bits and all, and set your life up to continue meeting yourself anew in every moment, you’ll be haunted by the parts of you that remain a mystery.

~Antesa Jensen

when did you leave your own trail behind?

inquiry for today~ don’t fall for platitudes today….be messy and shine anyway…..

big doubt is freedom in the wild

” Do not compare, do not 


No other way is like yours.

All other ways 

deceive and tempt you. 

You must fulfill

-the way that is in you. ” 

~Carl Jung

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