no gray faces here

When we inhabit our body as a whole, we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste with our whole body and being. This makes our experience of our environment fuller and richer. As we uncover the dimension of fundamental consciousness pervading our body and environment as a unity, our senses also become unified. We are able, for example, to see and hear at the same time. This helps produce the sense of “being in the moment” that is associated with non dual realization. We experience the present moment emerging directly out of the pervasive emptiness of fundamental consciousness as a multimedia experience, registering in all of our senses at once. In Buddhism, this is called direct or bare perception. This is a deep, intimate experience of the world around us.

~Judith Blackstone

when you see color and life so alive- it’s like you’ve never seen anything before….

inquiry for today~ how is aliveness and your attunement related today?

a little of this and a little of that

No one can show you

What is true.

That’s up to you.

All this yammering comes down to this:

Look, and look again,

Until you see nothing,

Inside or out.

The truth is its own falsification.

What is true?

Find what is not true, and let it go.

What’s left?

That’s up to you.

~Ken McLeod

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