sliding down into hope

Geese appear high over us,

pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,

as in love or sleep, holds

them to their way, clear

in the ancient faith: what we need

is here. And we pray, not

for new earth or heaven, but to be

quiet in heart, and in eye

clear. What we need is here.

~Wendell Berry

how do you know heartbreak?

inquiry for today~ what’s it like to just be ok for awhile?

within the scream

The reality of our lives is that they are fragile. Everything changes, and everything goes, and if we have experienced love in any of its forms, this reality is bound to break our hearts.

Rather than resisting or unleashing our demons, e can feel them storming the gates in the moments when sukkah makes itself apparent. Hello, shame, resentment, indignation, fear. Thank you for the information. When we recognize that the value of our painful moments is that they serve as a gateway to or own tender hearts, we can begin widening that field of tenderness to include even our most difficult emotions. Kindness and compassion neutralize our demon material. The world is going to break your heart. First Noble Truth. We get to decide if it breaks us one into empathy or into shape little pieces.

~Adreanna Limbach

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