my own pale shadow

When you’re in a state of genuine creative inspiration, you’re connected to a greater force. To be creatively inspired is to enter a zone where ideas, movements, words, and music flow through you. The pleasure of true creativity comes from the fact that it connects you directly to the Self, to the innate creativity of the universal consciousness. “God is an artist,” says one of the sages of Kashmir Shaivism, and when we are at our most creative, we are the most in touch with the divine. Inspired creativity can flow in a conversation when all the participants are open to being channels for something that is greater than any one individual can access. Experiencing the full depth of joy in inspiration demands that you let go of the ego-driven notion “I did this,” and recognize the creative inspiration comes from the essence- from the Self. The practice for experiencing creative pleasure is non-doership: what Taoism calls the action of non-action.

~Sally Kempton

when I remember that creativity is about how I listen, serve, and love well…

inquiry for today~ these moments of self-doubt are really how we learn who we are and who we are not……

what comes from beingness

I don’t feel like I need to love what I’m writing. Often I don’t even like it. I feel like I have to tell the truth and I have to get simple. The advice I always got was to just tell the story- don’t try to embellish it so magnificently. So that’s what I always tell myself: “Just tell the truth.”

At one point, this fabulous writer, Susan Griffin, said something to me that was really amazing: “You have to stop thinking of yourself as the person writing this book and think of yourself as the first person who gets to read it.” That was tremendous because I had so much fear about doing my book justice. Faith is such a highfalutin topic, so I thought, “I’m not going to hit it. It’s not going t be right.” But with her encouragement, I though, “Sharon, let go of that.” Then words would appear on the monitor, and I would be so excited. “Oh, look, words! I get to read them.”

~Sharon Salzberg

2 thoughts on “my own pale shadow

  1. It is interesting – the writing thing – I was never trained as a writer, nor did I read or study a lot of poetry or poets growing up, but, like fixing mechanical (and electrical) things, it just comes to me. It’s a soul thing, it does not come from me, but through me. I’ve learned, by letting go I do my best work either with a pen, or pliers! Get out of the way of the soul, and life happens well indeed!

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