surprising treasures along the way

Stop and feel where you are. Stop struggling to get out, stop looking for security, and stop anxiously reaching for the answer or the resolution.

Feel the presence of that moment and let yourself inhabit the quieter part of your being by being willing to not know and to stay in an insecure, unconcluded inner atmosphere.

Open to a new vision, to something that is not a repeat of the same old way you have done things, which never worked. You must be open and listen. If we were to talk about it in the old language, we would say, “Listen to the whisper fo God.”


so how do we sit in our messes, with walls all around, and nowhere to go?

inquiry for today~ may you allow your pretty little things, your pretty little ways, your pretty little distractions to help you notice your ways of being here…..

where do I find my little box?

To sit with the internal monologue, in equanimity and with patience, with a view that’s unwavering, allows the inner noise to quiet, to sputter out, to still. Not overnight, but in time, with steadfast commitment to overcome the downhill slip of mindfulness into unconscious, habituated believing, we can still the noisiness of selfing.

Our practice helps us to keep from being continuously reborn in old habit patterns. Interior silence allows us to be receptive to insight and allows us to remain mindful of intentions. It empties the mind and, in that emptying, allows us the experience of grace.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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