wait for blooms to fade into beauty

Ever since philosopher Rene Descartes explored the distinction between mid and body in the early 1600’s, Western culture has been confused about how the body works. There is a tendency to do a lot of thinking and less feeling and modern medicine tends to divid the body into parts. If you have. health issue with, say, a knee, you might be sent to a knee specialist. This could lead to a focus on what is going on organically in the knee rather than how it relates to the whole body and the mind. yet the mind and body are interconnected.

Meditation gives you the opportunity to reconnect with awareness of your body and mind as one interconnected whole. as you sit still and begin to bring mental awareness to sensations in your body, you can notice pats that feel tense and stressed. It is then possible to focus attention on those areas until they relax.

~breathe magazine

when we create from all that is old and stale…..the most fresh and needed things are reborn….

inquiry for today~ think of your practices as fresh and resilient and ready to be offered as ritual….this is meditation in action…..

weeded and rooted, too

Passionate to find beauty in the midst of ashes, I’m not afraid of real life and raw details. Wonder is found in the grit and the dust. I find inspiration when I slow down and notice torn leaves scattered at my feet, telling a story like broken shards of glass often do. I believe words empower one’s voice and when dropped off a cliff, they find wings to fly by catching the wind and bouncing off all the echoes. Life is meant to be shared and stories are meant to be told. There is power, beauty, and grace infused in a vulnerable story.

When I look up, I see the stars, even on an overcast night. When I see you, I har a beautiful song about to ripple into eternity.

~Cassie Green

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