a matter of discernment

The recovery of personal authority is a daily task imposed upon all of us by the soul. Usually, we will try to avoid such should demands as long she can by repressing the agenda of the soul as long as we can, at least until the suffering becomes intolerable to ourselves or those around us and we are obliged to pay attention. As each of us has been conditioned to experience authority as external to us, and has internalized such admonitions and agendas and reflexive responses as our own complexes, so it proves difficult, even intimidating, to take not the task of personal authority.

What constitutes personal authority? Stated most simply, it means, to find what is true for oneself and to live it int the world. If it is not lived, it is not yet real for us, and we abide what Sartre called “bad faith,” the theologian calls “sin,” the therapist calls “neurosis,” and the existential philosopher calls “inauthentic being.”

Personal authority is a humble acknowledgment of what wishes to come to being through us. We all, privately, know this imperative summons every day, though we may flee it: find what is true for you; find the courage to live it in the world; and the world will in time come to respect you (though at first you may confuse others and scan them.)

~James Hollis

so many layers…..how many do you see, feel, here?

inquiry for today~ there is great peace…..we know this…..

composition of thoughts

Even though pain and suffering can be generational, it can only be maintained in the present within the structures of our own mind- by believing our own thoughts of separation, slam, and condemnation. Coming to the end of suffering is really about beginning to see all of the ways that our mind maintains suffering through habitual patterns of thinking. as we begin to understand the causes of suffering, that all of our suffering is based in various ways in which we imagine ourselves to be separate and different, we begin the process of waking up, from unhappiness to happiness.

The direct confrontation with suffering can and often is quite painful when we first begin to look at it. But it’s essential that we do so, and it’s essential that we allow ourselves to go through this process of un-numbing ourselves, coming out of the imagination of our minds- not just for ourselves, but also so we can cease bringing suffering to others because of our unconscious behaviors. It’s a gift we give to the world, and it’s a gift that the world is happy to receive.


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