Christmas Eve here.

When we reflect on our family we can see that each person holds a measure of struggle and pain, just as each person carries a secret beauty. When we allow our hearts to sense the pain and struggles of the others, and how the suffering they carry causes pain to themselves and others, a natural compassion arises. This doesn’t mean we have to fix or change them—or even stay near them if their actions are harmful. It means we can see them with the eyes of compassion—we can put ourselves in their shoes and listen to them with a more understanding and open heart. We can wish them well. This is an invitation to reconciliation.

Reconciliation may ask us to listen to one another deeply. It may ask us to see each other with more mercy and tenderness. It may mean acknowledging the past and then starting anew.

~Jack Kornfield

light. hope. quiet.

inquiry for today~ find your opening into your Christmas heart…

may Christmas night call you home

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories,

and love of kindred,

and we are better throughout the year

for having, in spirit, become

a child again at Christmastime.

~Laura Ingalls Wilder

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