From birth, we are wired to understand other humans’ experience and to give and receive care. This dance of attunement is our birthright. The degree to which our feelings of connectedness are damaged, sustained, or deepened is the most central predictor of our health and happiness throughout life. These are the times that give us meaning; the times when we are fully at home in the wholeness and tenderness of our being.

Finding refuge in relationships begins with recognizing the ways we distance ourselves from other people. You might pause here and ask yourself a simple, honest question: “How, in my interactions with others today, have I created separation?” Take your time and be gentle- it’s an important question.

~Tara Brach

whose care? whose caring? who do we care for?

inquiry for today~ when we feel small, may we care instead of some other unworthiness……

what is time passing?

In spaciousness and clarity, we can understand that every one of us participates in the loss and suffering of life, as well as its marvels and beauty. This awakens our compassion instead of judgment or denial. Compassion and spaciousness arise together. When delusion goes, we are no longer so frightened or worried about ourself. As the illusion of separate self dissolves, the play of life becomes less personal, part of the timeless dance called the “the rise and fall of the four seasons.” Whenever our delusion is dispelled, there comes a tremendous freedom.

~Jack Kornfield

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