your winter raw spaces

She tells her love while half asleep,

in the dark hours,

with half-words whispered low:

as Earth turns in her winter sleep

and puts out grass and glowers

despite the snow,

despite the falling snow

~Robert Graves

maybe I’ve been too slow in listening well…. the winter seems to hold deep secrets…..

inquiry for today~ go deep in your winter dreams…

how to whisper

In an ongoing mindfulness practice, when we have sufficiently centered ourselves, in body and mind, we have the try ion to de-center, to be less concerned about centralizing all the data we’re taking in, which can bring with it an almost child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. That’s why getting centered at a certain point can become a counterproductive motivation. Because we don’t want to end up trapped in a me-and-mine-centric universe.
min fact, we can even stand to be a little eccentric, off-center. Trusting that our fundamental center is taken care of, we can leap and dance and let that little bit of weird we all possess shine. We dance as if no one is watching, because we’re judging ourselves less, and less concerned about responding to the literal and imagined judgments of others.
~Patricia Rockman snd Evan Collins

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