folding in

But real grief, real tragic addiction and brokenhearteness is pathologized and cast into the shadows, like Medusa, where we fear we will turn to stone if we enter. We don’t realize are throwing our power in there, right along with the shadows because what we ignore and cast aside ends up having great power over us. What we are disowning keeps us from being free.Grief unacknowledged becomes shadow selves because the wound needs to express itself to resolve itself. We can paste as many affirmations on it as we want, but it prolongs us from real freedom.

Addiction is a shamed experience in a culture that is riddled with so much addiction that the earth herself is starting to reflect to us the state of our addiction consciousness.

One myth about grief work is that it is somehow separate from light work. That, to court grief, to be grieving, to be doing grief work, means we are living in darkness, mired in shadow or always in pain.

This is not true.

Grief is a result of bringing love down into the parts of our hearts that have not been loved.

It is the healing energy that is love that moves pain out of our bodies. It is a radical healing experience that can actually bring people together and foster deeper understanding, connection and sense of oneness in a world that breaks us apart, isolates us and has us feeling ashamed if we are in pain, haven’t figured it all out or are, in some way, human.

It, like all things, is impermanent once it has done its work on us.

It makes us humane in an inhumane world.

Your heart matters. How you feel is important. Your grief is important. Whatever addiction or relational pattern or habit you are trying to heal from. Whatever trauma you are overcoming and working to transform into a thriving life. Whatever disappointment or failed expectation of the past you are working through. Whatever intense reflection midlife is showing you. Whatever illness you are grieving.

However impermanence is showing up in your life, it has the power to make you feel whole again because there is an energy, a divine spark of life, that runs through the veins of your soul that cannot, will never be destroyed… and that is love.

~Dr. Nandi Hetenyi

a little make-believe in the land of despair can widen the edge….

inquiry for today~ what do you hold on to?

that mythic state of contentment

The world is full of magic things, 

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. 

~W.B. Yeats

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