where beauty hides

Let yourself feel what you feel. Even numbness- the absence of feeling- is an experience. If there is sadness, let yourself feel sad. If there is shame, terror, guilt, doubt, rage, or anything else, just feel it without judgment. Breathe into it. If you are unfamiliar with feelings, take your time to recognize which feeling or combination of feelings you are experiencing. Once you are able to name the feeling, let it go. Feel it as pure sensation. How does it localize in your body? Does it have a form and density? What is in the center of it? This prior question can yield some surprising responses. Is there a belief that goes with this feeling and sensation? What is your deepest knowing about this belief?

~John Prendergast

how can I pause long enough to feel?

inquiry for today~ and your only task today is to notice the doing….

how you choose to be

It’s natural for us to fall apart in the face of loss. No need to stop it. Often our old coming mechanisms simply don’t work in this new context. However, finding our ground or recalling what has been most meaningful can help us stay present with what we are experiencing.

We don’t have adequate language to describe this sort of incomprehensible experience, so we name it Mystery with a capital M. Over the years, I have found that what we can experience or know directly may be much more important than our ability to explain or measure it.

~Frank Ostaseski

3 thoughts on “where beauty hides

  1. Dr Raymond Moody, who studies NDEs had to develop a method for people to articulate their experiences, as they took place in “no-time”, a non linear dimension that was impossible for many to describe in words … hope you are well, this thing has made us aware that we are classified as “elderly”. It has advantages, and disadvantages!

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