just keep moving

The adrenaline surge of the coronavirus crisis is starting to pass. At first, we were fueled by trying to address everything at once—we hadn’t noticed that a new normal arrived. Now that there’s such a mess and the proverbial water has receded, we’re at our most vulnerable as we take in our situation. A funeral may not be as hard when we are surrounded by family and friends—it’s the quiet days afterward when we feel alone.

This may be happening to you now: The regulars texting, the supporters donating to your staff’s GoFundMe, customers tipping heavily on your to-go programs…it’s all starting to slow as the new reality is sinking in. This is where we must dig into our reserves to find strength.

Dr. Brown suggests we try to normalize this by focusing on the marathon ahead. “The fear of collapsing could become the actual collapse. We need to create a new normal while grieving the end of our old normal,” she says. “This is going to require a proactive strategy with focus, breath, and solid information.”

Now more than ever, the people around you, physically or virtually, are your greatest asset. No longer is this corporate-speak in the company mission statement—it’s a necessary point to feel connected to the world we used to know and navigating the waters into the unknown.

~Dr. Brene Brown

wiser moments are destined to return….

inquiry for today~ how will the future fears roll in?

those lighter days

Listening to and understanding our inner sufferings will resolve most of the problems we encounter.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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