finer points

We need more than one perspective to glimpse the point of convergence where all perspectives meet. When we become zealous or stubborn, when we stay resistant to change, we’re seeing with one eye and lose the common center from here all views emerge and return.

We vacillate between resisting change and accepting change, between acclimating to our own views and adjusting to the unknown. We teeter back and forth between being mind-deaf and heart-deaf and being forced to let in other views. And yet we must try to go deep without drowning, always working toward the point of convergence.

When feeling small, when feeling less than, when unable to reach out the way I know I can, it’s important to remember the point of convergence where we all meet.

~Mark Nepo

it’s clear that struggling is meaningful collectively….

inquiry for today~ what is fundamental to your shared values?

what is innate to life?

With any luck, part of growing up is reaching certain key turning points. Living on auto-pilot is no longer satisfactory and we can see that operating on the life-orienting principles that were handed to us is inauthentic and disconnected from our deeper, more personal sense of meaning. There’s a necessary re-evaluation that happens, and we begin to ask ourselves what’s really important.

In our search for authentic meaning and purpose, one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is- What is worthy of orienting my entire life around?


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