each time we practice

The moment of noticing a thought is a very powerful moment. It’s really where the meditation occurs. That’s because there’s a spark of insight at that point, what in technical terms is called meta-awareness. You’re aware of your thought process, not just caught up in it. Now at that moment, there are lots of possibilities.

You can touch that thought and gently bounce back to attention on the breath and your body. One of the wonderful things about meditation is the fact that it allows for such a monumental amount of failure. Failure is just fine. So, if you’re sitting in meditation for 10 minutes and you don’t notice your thought until the bell rings at the end, that’s what that session was about. You learn from it. There will be another one. No big deal.

~Barry Boyce

how have I found myself here in the midst of hope?

inquiry for today~ finding balance isn’t about finding calm- it’s about finding space for calm…..

sitting here

Reflect for a moment on the benefit of a mind that has balance and equanimity. Sense what a gift it can be to bring a peaceful heart to the world around you. Let yourself feel an inner sense of balance and ease. Then with each breath begin gently repeating such phrases as:

Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I calm my mind.
May I be balanced.
May I be at peace.

Stay with these phrases until you feel quiet in your body and mind. Then broaden the sense of calm into a spacious equanimity. Acknowledge that all created things arise and pass away: joys, sorrows, pleasant and painful events. Let yourself rest in the midst of them.

May I learn to see the arising and passing of all things with equanimity and balance.
May I be open and balanced and peaceful.

~Jack Kornfield

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