to evoke something

Love… is a quest for truth… truth in relation to something quite precise: what kind of world does one see when one experiences it from the point of view of two and not one? What is the world like when it is experienced, developed and lived from the point of view of difference and not identity? That is what I believe love to be.

Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world. Happiness in love is the proof that time can accommodate eternity. 

~Alain Badiou

your life. your foibles. your lack of commitment. your okness.

inquiry for today~ it isn’t a certain way…..

return to the root

I could tell you my adventures-

beginning from this morning

but it’s no use

going back

to yesterday,

because I was

a different person


~Lewis Carroll

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