affectionate attention

In an attempt to speed up the birth of chicks for marketing, shells were made thinner and incubated to break sooner. But once born, many chicks died. The attempt to speed up birth failed. Research revealed that the unborn chicks need the time to peck at their shells from the inside, in order to be strong enough to survive in the world. This is a great lesson for our own inner growth and transformation. Much as we want to speed through the obstacles we’re given, we need the time to strengthen our heart and soul, in order to survive in the world.

~Mark Nepo

knowing that happiness is truth telling…..

inquiry for today~ how do you find your underlying wholeness, happiness, visioning?

whole promises

As one teacher said, “The more you’ve got going on, the more you need to be on retreat.”

In times of turmoil, reconnecting to presence and source can be all more challenging — and all the more important.

When you’re aligned internally, chances are much better you’ll be able to connect with those around you. Rather than reacting, you have the possibility of responding to what is most needed.

May you find the peace inside that nourishes you, fills your cup to overflowing and points you toward what is most important in your life right now.

~Jonathan Foust

2 thoughts on “affectionate attention

  1. didn’t know that chicks and shells story – interesting but not really surprising. Nature makes no ‘faults’, it’s us who are guilty.

    • So fascinating! We can trust somehow. Even though we continue to find paradox after paradox. Thanks Kiki. May you feel the ground beneath you and the sky above you.

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