and the sun set again

At the root of all the harm we cause is ignorance. Through meditation, that’s what we begin to undo. If we see that we have no mindfulness, that we rarely refrain, that we have little well-being, that is not confusion, that’s the beginning of clarity. As the moments of our lives go by, our ability to be deaf, dumb, and blind just doesn’t work so well anymore. Rather than making us more uptight, interestingly enough, this process liberates us. This is the liberation that naturally arises when we are completely here, without anxiety about imperfection.

~Pema Chodron

when we speak of compassion, what does that really mean?

inquiry for today~ and from here, too, in the midst of all that is unsettled- live well…..

what life really is

When President Trump stood in front of St. John’s church holding a Bible, the question of faith was lifted front and center for many people. Certainly, that was so for me. But, like many, I found myself asking how we can understand faith — especially in a public context — when we’re witnessing so much injustice? To be at all able to move forward in times of great difficulty means drawing on one’s own deepest experience for strength. It means, I believe, relying on a renewed kind of faith.

~Sharon Salzberg

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