your world

In the dark,

in the dark,

in the deep, deep dark,

a speck floated,

invisible as thought,

weighty as God.

There was yet no time,

there was yet no space.

No up,

no down,

no edge,

no center.

There was no sky.

No you.

No me.

Only the speck,



~Marion Dane Bauer

settle on the banks of earth, river, and time……listen…..

inquiry for today~ when you can’t let go- let be…..

when we can’t meet out there

Our wholeness comes from rooting in the rhythms and cycles of nature. When tending the health of a damaged ecosystem, we improve the soil quality and plant native species, rather than eliminating invasive species. Likewise, we tend the health of our psyches, not by getting rid of pathology, but by cultivating the “native species” within ourselves. 

We become whole not only for ourselves, but also to strengthen our capacity to protect and serve our world. Protecting nature means resisting the dominant culture, industrial civilization, a way of life fueled by the perpetual exploitation of peoples and lands in a futile addiction to an unsustainable lifestyle. A strong resistance is one that is multi-faceted; a foundational ingredient is rooting the depths of our psyches in a genuine perception of the Earth as a living and breathing being with whom we can commune and listen.

~Rebecca Wildbear

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