lift you up

Like the tool of mindfulness, equanimity is a quality of mind that lets us simply acknowledge, as American monk Ajahn Sumedho puts it, this “the way it is.” Energy spent feeling distressed and wishing things were different diminishes our capacity to respond. Suffering exists. Now what can effectively be done about it?

Compassion doesn’t mean rescuing everyone we see from suffering. Equanimity teaches us to care deeply but not be overwhelmed by our caring.

~James Baraz

how will your difficulties speak to the lonely ones?

inquiry for today~ when you slip away, find a lovely daydream…..

those grim realities

The beginning of the path of healing is the end of life unlived. As awareness deepens, each moment is received anew. Entering the process as complete beginners, we take each breath as though it were the last, watching each thought as though it were the last, becoming wholly alive.

~Stephen Levine

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