see the stars

The Fierce part of Love is bringing Redemptive Love out into our engagement with the world. This takes a boldness and fearlessness of heart because the human world is so often lost in unconsciousness.

Fierce Love is fierce also because it is loving, no matter what. This is why it also needs to be wise and grounded in clarity. And Fierce Love is an expression of the revelation of unity. It is a commitment to living a loving life. It arises out of a heart that deeply cares about the welfare of all.


oh how I love the truth that shines….

inquiry for today~ and now we can breathe into love again……

fierce and kind

Watch the dewdrops in the morning,
Shake their little diamond heads,
Sparkling, flashing, ever moving,
From their silent little beds.

See the grass! Each blade is brightened,
Roots are strengthened by their stay;
Like the dewdrops, let us scatter
Gems of love along the way.

~Myra Viola Wilds

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