the secret is everywhere

The beginning of the path of healing is the end of life unlived. As awareness deepens, each moment is received anew. Entering the process as complete beginners, we take each breath as though it were the first, watching each thought as though it were the last, becoming wholly alive. Recognizing that to finish business means the end of relationships as business, not a totaling of accounts, not awaiting another’s acceptance or forgiveness, we no longer require anything in return. Our business is done.

All of us have grief to explore, the grief of incompletion, of not having what we wish, the loss of face or actually the loss of facade, the despair of no control in the shifting sands of impermanence. It is all the moments of begin unloved. It is the ordinary grief, our unfinished business, our daily dying out of life. It is all that remains unlived in the preciousness of just this much.

None of these qualities or experiences are new, though few have appeared with such intensity before. Little of our ordinary grief has been acknowledged.

~Stephen Levine

how we keep opening….

inquiry for today~ and then we find love and we are always surprised……

bring me alive

Under all our struggle, life exists independent of our assumptions or judgment. Life is not human-centric. And like the birds that sing at the first of light, our hearts don’t stop loving because we in our pain are blind, deaf, or afraid. Though from the depths of our fear and pain, we can muffle the love that emanates from our heart.

When we can stand by our core, we enter our authority of being, which gains its strength from the Universal Ground of Being that is its foundation. So when we stand by our core, we stand by the core of all things. When we enter our center, we touch into the center of all things.

~Mark Nepo

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