questions unanswered

The Divine Mother, whether we are talking about Shakti in Hinduism, Shechinah in Judaism, or Sophia in Russian Orthodox Christianity, is the active manifesting of Ultimate Reality (God if you like), in with, and as the world you and I experience.

Divorcing, suppressing, and erasing the /feminine leaves us with a heartless zero-sum world where women are oppressed and the values of mutuality, interdependence, and communitarianism are rejected.

This will only end when the crisis becomes so acute that we are on the verge of total collapse. At that moment a critical mass of people will awaken to the Mother (seemingly spontaneously, thought the work has been going on for some time subconsciously), and begin to adore Her in all her forms leading us to adore Nature, each other, and ourselves so profoundly that patriarchy crumbles, hierarchy yields to holarchy, fear yields to love, and arrogance yields to humility.

As bas as things are at the moment, we still have a long downward slide to go.

~Rabbi Rami Shapiro

when the light finds its way…

inquiry for today~ it’s not so ok today….

what we cry for

Where one’s wound is,

that is where their genius will be.

~Robert Bly

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