yes. to the sensual world.

Under our being and doing, we have a quartet of competing voices. We have a voice in us that sees nothing. Everywhere we go, it keeps insisting that nothing matters. We have another voice that’s fearful, that says, “You know what? We shouldn’t have tried this. I’m not taking any more risks. Let’s go.” We also have a mystical voice of Spirit that says, “My God, we’re cradled by something incomprehensible.” And paradoxically, we have a blind one who feels most comfortable in the unknown, who says, “I’m not going back to anything false, because this touchstone I’ve chanced upon is as I’ve always known. There is no going back.”

Our job is to be the conductor of these voices, so we can discern our true inheritance. We could say this is the proper role of will. And as we wander authentically through the days, as we meet beautiful things and harsh things, as we meet obstacles and stumble unexpectedly into joy, we’re asked which side of us will meet the day. How will we make sense of what comes our way? How will we carry our one essential self?

~Mark Nepo

how I learn what it means that there is no way back….

inquiry for today~ what are you leaning into today?

may you know your own way home

The felt sense is the whole body sense of something that is not yet clear to the conscious mind. The capacity for felt sensing is inherent in you. The more that you slow down, breathe, clear the ind, and begin to sense into the core of your body, the more available the felt sense will be to your conscious awareness. Your devotion to this kind of listening will tune the instrument of your deep sensitivity. In time, your attention will gradually be able to drop down and into your body whenever you want to access your sense of inner knowing. You will get quiet and tune in without thinking about it.

~John Prendergast

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