find your tribe

Immersing myself in history has given me a new perspective.
It’s been helpful to remember our species has survived horrendous periods of senseless wars, brutal conflicts, large-scale invasions, horrifying plagues, shocking exploitation, bloody revolutions, hate-fueled genocide, dehumanizing oppression and egomaniacal despots.

It leaves me with this question:

How do I respond to these times in such a way that at the end of my lifeI will feel I had lived in integrity?

May we grow each day in wisdom and compassion.

~Jonathan Foust

we are not as lonely as we once thought….

inquiry for today~ and how will you confirm your interbeingness today?

how I want to love freely

We live in a world that responds to our longing; it is a place where the echoes always return, even if sometimes slowly… The hunger to belong is at the heart of our nature. Cut off from others, we atrophy and turn in on ourselves. The sense of belonging is the natural balance of our lives… There is some innocent childlike side to the human heart that is always deeply hurt when we are excluded… When we become isolated, we are prone to being damaged; our minds lose their flexibility and natural kindness; we become vulnerable to fear and negativity.

The ancient and eternal values of human life — truth, unity, goodness, justice, beauty, and love — are all statements of true belonging; they are the also the secret intention and dream of human longing.

~John O’Donohue

2 thoughts on “find your tribe

    • So funny you mentioned this. I’ve been feeling a lot of angst over so much “othering”- not enough belonging. May these days be kind to you g.f.s….

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