clear, quiet sky

If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way,

we can only step from where we are standing.

If we don’t really know where we are standing.

We may only go in circles.

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

how will I get through this? how will I fix this?

inquiry for today~ equanimity doesn’t ask how….it simply bears witness…..

tending to uncertainty

A warm fire, crackling.Falling rain. Broken bread.

An embrace. A real smile. A call with a friend and truly listening –

holding the space. Not judging – but waiting. Sharing tears.

Letting each other grow. A sacred moment of forgiveness.

A purring cat, curled upon a knee. A burst of sunlight.

A body stretched out. Warmth on winter-pale skin.

First dawn, and the last bloom of dusk – to night.

Balmy nights; and cold ones– the kind that remind you you’re alive.

Hearing the car and running footsteps.

Seeing those we’ve missed for too long,- or remembering them.Laughter.

The thaw of grief. Knowing that we loved, or that someone,

in all the crowd, saw us.Weeping to the deep. A sob, a gasp.

A bench wiped clean. The scent of lemon. Of lavender. Of tomorrow.

The roar of pain in birth or in suffering. Of someone holding your

ugly, your raw, your lowest moment; as though their own.

A sky full of stars. Slow things. Whole things. Real things.

There, where the TV is silent. The house full of quiet, or noise.

In presence. And in each other, our holy Selves.

Before the buzz of doing and having convinced us,

there was some greater magic, than simply being alive.

~Rachel Alana

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