what is majestic

Even the tiniest opening of seeing the goodness in ourselves can begin to break through a lifetime of self-judgment. By inclining our mind toward looking for what is good and wholesome in us, we stop feeling the negative and start bringing our positive qualities to life.

As we do this, we cultivate a new way of regarding ourselves, so that over time the old voices inside that belittle us are replaced by others that are kind and supportive.

~James Baraz

When we fall into bad habits of giving up, call on the heart….

inquiry for today~ it’s ok to be this wild and filled with awe

this quiet and mighty prayer

Nobody knows what a single thing is. It is a great and wonderful mystery to us all that anything is or that we are. And whenever anyone says, “I don’t know how anything came to be,” or “God made everything,” they are simply pointing the feeling fo the Mystery- of how everything is, but nobody knows what it really is, or how it came to be.

If you remember every day to feel the Mystery, and if you will remember that you are more than what you look like, and if you will remember to be the Mystery itself, then you will be happy every day.

~the words of a young child

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