the one thing

The unknown is no place

for the heart to remain.

~Jay Long

see what was there all along….

inquiry for today~ somewhat healed?

suddenly there were cliffs

The world we live in is real. But what we see, think, and believe does not necessarily reflect what is so. We see life through a range of conditioning, bias, and projection. Therefore, we need to not only be aware of thoughts, but we need to mindfully discern hat is true from what is simply distortion.

Perhaps the biggest perceptual distortion is about our sense of self and identity. We perceive our sense of self as stable, consistent, and enduring over time. But if we take a closer look at our inner experience, we behold our sense of self as forever moving, fluctuating, expanding, contracting, and shape-shifting, and tis affects or perceptoin of life around us.

With practice, we can develop a meta-attention to our experience that helps us get closer to the reality of what is happening rather than seeing through the lens of bias misperception.

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