the veil is dark

Awareness is aware of itself as the nature of mind. When local awareness becomes aware of spacious awareness, it begins to recognize itself. When local awareness and spacious awareness unite, they realize they have always been united. Awareness knows itself by being itself. WE discover that awareness is already awake without our help.

If you can abide as awareness of itself- contentless, timeless, boundless, knowing- for even three to five seconds, that experience can shift you into the ground of Being.

~Lock Kelly

who is this separate self and where is she going?

inquiry for today~ where have you been and where are you going?

who am I being?

Our delusion can be dispelled in a moment. It is never too late for the illumination of wisdom. It does not matter how long the darkness has lasted. In one famous story, a spiritual wanderer who had been searching all across India asked the Buddha to sum up his teachings in the briefest possible way. The wanderer, named Bahia, was afraid that he had not much longer to live, and indeed he died shortly after this encounter. Hearing Bahia’s urgency, the Buddha pointed to the freedom beyond the self.

“In the seen, there is just the seen in the heard, there is just the heard; in the sensed, there is just the sensed; in the thought, there is just the thought.”

Understanding these words was enough t dispel Bahia’s delusion of a separate sense of self. As the illusion of self fell away, Bahia awakened to the suchness of life, immediate and open. He found the freedom he had been seeking was in his own wise heart.

~Jack Kornfield

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