where peace resides

Ah, not to be cut off,

not through the slightest partition

shut out from the law of the stars.

The inner- what is it?

if not intensified sky,

hurled through with birds and deep

with the winds of homecoming.


why we can’t know what we’ve forgotten…

inquiry for today~ what will help today?

maybe it’s ok

Awareness of collective suffering reduces our isolation. We must also keep in mind that each individual’s experience of suffering is unique…we cannot compare. Instead, we must lean in and listen.

Everyone has a story. Listening as an art form awakens profound experiences of the self and soul, offering a portal that can awaken a transformational experience of connection to others and the world.

Listen for the emotional meanings conveyed by others. Listen for what is not being said.

Listen inside of the space between words.

~Dr Arielle Schwartz

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