foggy yet unburdened

There are things you can only learn on your knees or in a storm

or when the cracks in the foundation of this modern world open a chasm of uncertainty

beneath your feet. Your discontent with what has been named normal is both grief and longing

for what your mind has forgotten but your body remembers. You can feel it in the way a child’s laughter

disrupts your commitment to what is appropriate and makes space for foolishness and magic.

You can feel it in the way that water has taught you how to be a vessel and how to spill.

Can you trace your lineage all the way back to salt? The same that now stains your face

with both sadness and laughter excites your tongue and protects your prayers.

You are diasporic. Ecological. Holon. A vast territory of many wild bodies melting into each other

dressed up as human. Simultaneously living and dying shaping and dismantling filling up and boiling over.

Ashes to ashes stardust to bone. What language do you grieve in?

What is the mother tongue for that which twists and contorts your body wringing oceans from your skin?

The gravity that pulls you down to your knees forehead to ground broken open at the altar of all you’ve lost

and how much you’ve loved. Can we fall apart together? Make a commitment to search for the truth

but promise to never find it. Let myths and stories be the cartograph for what is both primordial

and brand new because the present moment is promiscuous like that. Compost ourselves down

into the dirt beneath the dirt and tend the chthonic embers that light the ancient fires in our bellies.

When the fault lines open and your mind is grasping and you don’t know where to go from here;

prostrate trade rapture for rupture let yourself spill and descend.

~Gina Puorro

when you forget how to love….listen…

inquiry for today~ this too, allows the heart to survive…..

how to listen well

I believe that the love we crave, and that we have available to give, is a healing force.

Love is not soft and mushy. It is strong and resilient.

It springs from the truth of our interconnectedness

and is powerful because it is aligned with what is true.

~Sharon Salzberg

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