to never forget

The problem in most situations is not a lack of calling; but a fear of responding to the call.

Besides the issue of leaving everything behind there is also the fear of being inadequate

and the terror of being overwhelmed. Under the banner of practicality,

most of life becomes arranged to obscure and distract us from what called us to come to life in the first place.

Most people remain unwilling to be extravagant enough to wander where their soul would lead them,

adapting instead to an endless series of short-term goals.

People easily misplace their deepest longings and tune themselves to someone else’s idea of life.

~Michael Meade

it’s perfect you know….the first rose, this life, our truth….

inquiry for today~ how do you remind yourself of your truth?

when the day shifts

In a mad world,

only the mad are sane.

~Akira Kurosawa

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