seeing art fire

Spare me perfection.

Give me instead the wholeness

that comes from embracing the full reality of who I am,

just as I am.

~David Brenner

tiny raindrops….irreverent and dull….

inquiry for today~ how do you forget who you are?

how to check out awhile

We are all tired. Really, we are. It’s a hard road, but it’s also a beautiful one. Perhaps we expect too much from ourselves and from others. Perhaps humanity can only make slow progress, like an inch worm. Perhaps we need to celebrate how far we have come more often. And rest more. And relish the simple pleasures.

And look for love everywhere. There is a river near where I live. It meanders slowly, peacefully. It doesn’t ask itself why it isn’t an ocean, or a raging river, or some other thing. It just surrenders to what it is. Maybe we just need to surrender more to who we are. I think I will lie down tomorrow beside the river. And take a rest. And sweet surrender.

~Jeff Brown

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