fill the dark night

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings.

Always darker,




skirting around shadows is the dance….

inquiry for today~ where do you notice shadows?

where we play

Our shadows are our most paradoxical aspects. While they seem to be the containers of the dark forces that can threaten the foundation we’ve built our lives on, they are also the containers of some of our best potentials for achieving balanced, more dynamic, and fulfilling lives. The very anger we were taught to fear and deny, and came to fear and deny even more when we glimpsed its smoldering presence, is like buried gold. If we can learn to safely mine and refine it, we’ll be rewarded with new energy, passion, and strength.

Frequently a loss of innocence means a loss of self-esteem because we realize we are less knowledgeable, well-intentioned, virtuous, or competent than we thought we were. And a loss of self-esteem can lead to feelings of shame.

~Bud Harris

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