feeling wisdom seep

No matter our daily personal or political sense of being bothered or besieged, or by our consummate ability as human beings, to make a mess of things, the great world around us goes on migrating and turning through its astonishing and unstoppable migrations and seasons: the sober deepening of cold through a long winter, the first green gems of spring breaking through the brown earth, the inexorable rising of the hot sun into a clear summer sky and then, all the hidden movement and migration too: here in the Pacific Northwest, far out in the ocean, the salmon, ‘threading the dark streams of reflected stars’ and for our part, this ‘ocean of longing’ also shifting through us, in the deep inner, joined place where we somehow move with them, all of us pulled, almost against our will, by a great journey on the drawing tide.

~David Whyte

maybe I can unfold a little more gracefully….

inquiry for today~ what do you want to see when you emerge?

singing in echoes of soul

she’s an old soul

whose heart speaks

an all but forgotten


~JM Storm

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