your place in things

I think we have become a little tired of our personal pursuit of happiness and of the individualistic ideal of happiness. We need an ideal of happiness that is more about the things we share. And we need a conception of happiness that shows that it is- ultimately- our ambition to live in a world that we believe in and that we are proud to be part of. Why not devote more thought to building a nicer, more social world, and to the questions of what it means to be good and do good? And it is also good to realize how very dependent we are on others. We have been trained to think that being a good person means that we are happy and that specific emotions must be felt that we assume go with that. That has done a lot of harm and put too much pressure on individuals to be happy.

~Care Cederstrom

when the sudden realization comes upon you….

inquiry for today~ same day, different look….

when doubt creeps in

You will find yourself in all of the places you are afraid to look.


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