transcendent flow

Focus and concentration are sometimes misunderstood.
We tend to think of focus as hard work, but it can also be a source of intense pleasure.
A focused mind can get things done faster but it can also set the stage for insight and compelling states of consciousness.

Focus establishes present-moment awareness.More aware of the present moment and how it changes, you slip into the seat of the Witness.The Witness is a doorway to non-judging, preference-less awareness.

“Flow” is something different.Here the witness merges with action.It’s a shift in consciousness where you become fully and deeply absorbed. 

Flow is also great way to get things done, a stunning way to be more creative and more present in the magic moments of your life.Flow is also a doorway to the mystery.
When “I” and “mine” drop away, things … get interesting.

~Jonathan Foust

suddenly we remember we are on the wrong path….

inquiry for today~ don’t second-guess your own sense of flow

aligned and gracious


if you move carefully

through the forest,


like the ones

in the old stories,

who could cross

a shimmering bed of leaves

without a sound,

you come to a place

whose only task

is to trouble you

with tiny

but frightening requests,

conceived out of nowhere

but in this place

beginning to lead everywhere.

Requests to stop what

you are doing right now,


to stop what you

are becoming

while you do it,


that can make

or unmake

a life,


that have patiently

waited for you,


that have no right

to go away.

~David Whyte

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