freedom in the senses

When fear arises, name it softly and experience what it does to the breath, to the body, how it affects the heart. Notice the sensations and ideas that accompany it, the scary stories it tells. When we work with the fearful mind, we will initially become afraid.

However, at some point, if we open our eyes and our heart to the fearful mind and gently name it, “fear, fear, fear,” experiencing its energy as it moves through us, the whole sense of fear will shift and eventually become recognition: “Oh, fear, here you are again. I know you. How interesting that you’ve come.” Make friends with your fear.

~Jack Kornfield

I see fear up ahead and all around….and so….

inquiry for today~ there is a moment in between fear and choice….

dew drops of memory

Let your heart


into an infinite amount

of tiny, precious seeds.

Then plant love

everywhere you go.

~Anita Krizzan

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